Skellig Star Party 2016 Schedule



It’s that time of year again and we can’t wait to be under the dark skies of Ballinskelligs for Skellig Star Party 2016. Below is the running order our schedule for 2016.

Note: We will be charging for the SSP talks this year to cover costs only. €5 per person will be charged at the door, at a first come first serve basis.

Friday 26th August

18:00-19:30: Charity Evening BBQ – see BBQ Details

Sundown: Stargazing

Saturday 27th August

08:00-09:30: Charity Breakfast BBQ – see BBQ Details

10:30: Talks at Cables: Event opening by Michael Healy Rae TD

11:00: Talks at Cables: Opening words from Roy Stewart (Co-founder)

11:15: Talks at Cables: John McKeon on Capturing a Jupiter Impact Event

11:45: Talks at Cables: Dr Ian Morison on Shooting the Milky Way with a DSLR

12:45: Lunch break and solar observing

13:45: Talks at Cables: Deirdre Kelleghan, Live Solar Sketching

14:30: Talks at Cables: Will Gater on The Science and Spectacle of the Northern Lights

15:30: Raffle & closing words

16:00: Solar Imaging session with Pete Williamson at Skellig Lodge

18:00-19:30: Charity Evening BBQ – see BBQ Details

Sundown: Stargazing

Sunday 28th August


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  1. Hi,
    It looks like you have a wonderful weekend planned. I’m just wondering is there any need to book/register in advance for this event? I see the SSP talks are first come first served but I’m not about the BBQs.
    Kind Regards,

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