The 2015 Solar Eclipse

So today was the 2015 solar eclipse! Sadly most of the country was clouded or fogged out, but a few fortunate gaps in the clouds presented themselves in Cork. We managed to secure a spot on the top of the university College Cork clock tower for the duration of the event.

Great spot for observing, UCC clock tower

This is a the result of our efforts 🙂

We had a couple visits throughout the morning to have a look through the single pair of solar glasses we had. Obviously the physics students, and professor, couldn’t resist.

William and Paul 2
William and Prof. Paul Callanan, Physics, UCC

The scope used was a William Optics Megrez 72, the camera a Canon 550D, and the Solar filter was homemade using Mylar film. We had to play around with the shutter speed quite a bit while taking the time-lapse to contend with the constant change in brightness, thanks to the intermittent clouds. Considering the conditions however, pretty decent result!

The exposures ranged from 1/50 to 1/1250, pretty much depending on how much light the clouds would let through when they got in the way. We used intervals of about 30 seconds between shots and  ISO was kept at 100 for all 300+ frames taken.


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